We provide photo & video backup services. We also provide custom slideshows for weddings, birthdays or special events. Our professional services also include IT support. We diagnose and troubleshoot PC & MAC related issues.

A lot of us have created memories by showcasing our lives through photos or video’s. Some of us have tons and tons of pictures. Some of us take more videos than pictures. I feel it is important to protect and save these memories for the future. Not only memories for ourselves, but memories we past down for generations. At Backup The Past we want to take your existing collection and help make a backup copy of your photos or video collection. We also will at your request, take your existing photos/videos and create a wonderful slideshow. Slideshows containing photos along with background music make an unbelievable pair.
Whether you choose our scanning, video encoding or slideshow service; we believe in you being completely satisfied. Don’t wait till it is too late to backup your precious memories. Contact us today!

Mike | CEO
Kristen | Vice President
Preserve your memories today for tomorrow!
We want you to enjoy and love what we do for you!

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